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Uptown Columbus Sculpture Walk

It’s been over 3 years since the sculptures first arrived on Broadway in UPtown ColumbusGA Some have gone and have been replaced and some have stayed calling the streets of UPtown home. The sculpture walk has become a destination for visitors, has provided a sense of place for the residents of UPtown and most importantly has become a defining moment for us as a community.

Uptown Columbus Sculpture Walk

 Public art, such as the sculpture walk, is how we as a community become connected one to  another. It can interpret the world around us and the world in which we live. There’s something about looking at a piece of art that reminds us of times gone by or one that represents how proud we are that we live in this place called ColumbusGA. In short, public art is a historical record of our community.

For the past several years the Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce has made Public Art one of its key topics during its Annual Inter-City Leadership conferences.  Examples were the trips to Fort Worth,TX, Tampa, FL, Mobile, AL and most recently Raleigh, NC.  Each of these cities have wonderful pieces of art, but what makes each of them stand out as being very different than ColumbusGA is their Public Art Ordinance. 

Parking Garage, Kansas City, MO

Lewis St. Bridge, Wichita, KS

Why do we need a Public Art Ordinance? An ordinance would provide a tool for setting a  “public art vision” for ColumbusGa as well as identify other areas of the city that would be appropriate for public art. Having an ordinance would provide the means for a dedicated funding source through a percent for art by being identified in a capital project or through construction credits of a new or renovated building project. Just imagine if one of our many bridges crossing the Chattahoochee included sculptures like the one shown here in Wichita, KS. or our parking garages looked this one in Kansas City, MO. 

Public art defines a city. There are too many cities to list whereby a single piece of art is the magnet that attracts tourists. ColumbusGA needs be among that list.  ColumbusGA needs art in all areas of our city and not just downtown or in front of the museum.  It is known that public spaces that include  public art are more welcoming and pleasing to residents and visitors, but there needs to be oversight so that excellence in design and selection is maintained. Currently, anyone could erect anything and call it art.  Remember the fiasco with the art piece that was to be placed in front of the main library? Let’s not go there again.

The time has come for our city to adopt an ordinance. Public art will become increasingly important to our city’s growth and identity as it prepares for BRAC and the White Water project.  Let’s move forward. Join the Chamber in making this happen. 

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Businesses! RSVP for Jan 2011 Now for ColumbusGA Chamber 2010 Annual Meeting

Join us Jan. 7th for the Stake Holder meeting to hear Maj. Gen, Bob Brown Commanding General, Maneuver Center of Excellence, Fort Benning, talk about leadership and impact of BRAC growth on the region.

RSVP Now! Registration Form

  • See who wins the Jim Woodruff, Jr. Memorial Award, “The hall of fame of Columbus leadership.”
  • Meet the winner of the JR Allen Award.
  • See who will be the first to receive the new Chairman’s Award for distinguished service to the Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce.

Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce 2010 Annual Stakeholder’s Meeting
WHERE: RiverCenter for Performing Arts (Columbus, Georgia)
WHEN: January 7th, 2011 10.30am-Noon

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posted 15 December 2010 : Contact the Columbus, Georgia Chamber of Commerce for assistance.
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Reasons You Should Be Concerned About the Chronic Homeless in ColumbusGA

The reasons are:

 This group consumes a disproportionate amount of costly resources: 10% of the homeless population consumes over 50% of the resources.

Chronic homelessness has a visible impact on your community’s safety and attractiveness

Effective new technologies exist to engage and house this population

Addressing the needs of this group will free up resources for other homeless groups, including youth & famillies

This group is in great need of assisitance & social services

It is a finite problem that can be fixed

The Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce has been the driving force in developing a task force to create a 10-year plan to address the homeless plight in ColumbusGa. City Manager, Isaiah Hugley, solicted the help of the Cunningham Center for Leadership to be the facilitator of the task force. After 18 months,    The 10 Year Plan to Eradicate Homelessness was unanimously adopted by the ColumbusGA City Council at the December 14, 2010 meeting.  To review the plan go to

Why is this important to our city?  The ColumbusGA Homeless Task Force says it like this:

 Homelessness is costly.

It takes a huge toll on people’s lives.

It is far less expensive to provide housing than it is to provide emergency response services.

And it’s far more humane.

What do you think? Can we really eradicate homelessness in ColumbusGA?

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posted 6 December 2010 : Contact the Columbus, Georgia Chamber of Commerce for assistance.
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ColumbusGA Chamber YP’s Gear Up for 2011


YPThey are engaged, empowered and energized, they are…The Greater Columbus Georgia Young Professionals.  The 2011 Young Professionals Board & Committee Chairs met yesterday to determine their goals and objectives for 2011.  2010 was a phenomenal  year for the Young Professionals (YP)–here are a few highlights:

  • The YP Membership grew 51% in 2010–That’s 321 members representing 80 different companies
  • 3,216 people attended YP events in 2010
  • There were 23 different events hosted by YP’s in 2010

Wow!! It’s amazing that a group of professionals aging from 21-40 can have such an impact in a year’s time.  2010 was GREAT and know the drive that this group has I can assure you that 2011 will be EVEN BETTER! 

Chairing the group in 2011 is Kim Weaver of Georgia Power Company–under Kim’s leadership the YP’s are looking to take the program to the next level with more professional development & leadership opportunities, other large scale community events much like Screen on the Green and growing partnerships with local businesses. 

Columbus can rest easy knowing that the future of our community is in the hands of such a driven group of individuals.  Whether you are an OP or a YP–we have opportunities for you to become involved.  Belong to something BOLD, EXCITING, BIG, CREATIVE, INSPIRING and CURRENT. 

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posted 6 December 2010 : Contact the Columbus, Georgia Chamber of Commerce for assistance.
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