Are We Going to the Dogs?

If you’ve ever traveled around Bibb City, specifically down Hemlock Drive, you’ll notice that there’s a park in this area. Thanks to some great developers, Bibb City is starting to look like it’s coming back alive. It’s a beautiful drive back through this area, the old oak trees that hang over the streets, and the river walk is just within reach. All in all, it’s a nice quiet setting. But, I digress.

It’s time for ColumbusGA to have a dog park. Hemlock Park in Bibb City (or Village Bibb as some locals are now calling it)  is a perfect location. It certainly has the space, there’s ample parking at Comer Auditorium. Parks and Recreation are already maintaining this area, it just needs some fencing and some, well, doggone amenities for our four legged family members.

Fort Worth, TX has a great dog park, Fort Woof,,  it even elects a mayor every two years.  Proceeds from the mayoral race and other events go to the maintenance of the park.

Fort Woof Dog Park, Fort Worth, TX

Sasha, Mayor Fort Woof, being sworn in

Why have a dog park? This is what Fort Woof says about that question:

  • Your dog can run free!
  • Your dog can learn how to interact with other dogs.
  • You can mingle with other dog enthusiasts.
  • Your dog can mingle with other dog enthusiasts
  • With some well written rules, great private support, and really active volunteers the Fort Woof Dog Park has been successful. ColumbusGA could certainly emulate this and have a wonderful place for all dog lovers to visit.  Since the Chamber’s visit to Fort Worth, TX in 2008, many people have stated that we need a dog park, in fact, Columbus could handle several parks within our city. It just takes leadership and someone with a passion for dogs. Are you that person? Is Columbus ready to make this happen? “Ever wonder where you’d end up if you took your dog for a walk and never once pulled back on the leash?”  ~Robert Brault,

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