It’s All About Me

Is Generation Y (aka Millennials,  Generation Next, etc.)  too self-absorbed?  The answer is yes, according to a Harvard Business Review blog it’s our most perilous trait.

According to the author, young folks spend too much time talking about themselves and how they plan to save the world.  He even points to a study that found college students in this decade are more narcissistic than Gen X and baby boomers and that even a “healthy sense of self-esteem” isn’t necessarily a competitive edge.

Initially in reading the article I was offended.  But in thinking about it, on some level there may be some truth to this.  Much of us (Generation Y) grew up encouraged to do anything or be anything we set our minds to.  We received “participation” certificates, ribbons, public recognition as  a way to strengthen self-confidence.  Has what many might label  “encouragement”  created a generation of narcissistic young professionals? Yet where would some of us be had we not received that little extra push or that “you can do it” nudge?

Before you respond, I encourage you to take a look at the Greater Columbus Young Professionals Program.  This group is strong willed, passionate and determined to carry on the leadership legacy that this community is known for.  They are PROUD of themselves, their accomplishments and the community in which they live, work and play.

I am curious, as an OP, MP, EP (Old Professional, Mature Professional, Established Professional) what your view on Generation Y is?  Too self-absorbed?



This post was written by: Amy Askew

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