Cedric Hill @ People’s Funeral Services

The Chamber first helped to introduce me to the community. Their social functions, as well as the committees, introduced me to other small business owners with like struggles and like successes.

Columbus Chamber of Commerce Member Since 2002

America is the land of opportunity, a place where every member of the workforce can experience upward mobility. In America, with sacrifice, hard work, and determination, anyone can one day be “the boss.” We here at the Chamber of Commerce truly believe that Columbus is the epitome of the American Dream, because for 164 years our small business initiatives have helped make the dreams of local entrepreneurs come true and watched with pride as they transformed our community into the economic powerhouse it is becoming today. Whether you are a startup just getting off the page, a fledgling business looking for your place, or an established company ready to take your operations to the next level, the Chamber’s small business division will give you tools necessary to lead your company to greater prosperity.

When Cedric Hill assumed ownership of People’s Funeral Services of Columbus, Inc from his mother in 2002, he took over a business that had been operating in Columbus since 1948. With nearly 25 years experience in the mortuary business, he had become “the boss.” Understanding that with great power comes great responsibility, both to his clients, employees, and the community as a whole, Cedric approached the Chamber. Explains Cedric, “People’s has always been a Chamber member as far back as I can remember, but I became involved after taking over the business, needing business leadership and networking skills as well as knowledge of the community and especially it’s direction.”

We told Cedric that there was no better way to experience the immediate benefits of his Chamber membership than to get involved with our Business One Stop Shop (BOSS), an initiative dedicated to providing businesses of all sizes quality, responsive, and professional resources in one convenient location. The BOSS program aims to improve your business’s access to new and existing resources, enable your company to link to resource agencies, and help you to market your business to the community. This is accomplished by providing you with information on licenses, permits, zoning and the like, offering assistance on federal, state, and local procurement assistance, imparting our knowledge of existing financial resources, and supplying you with training workshops, seminars, and mentoring programs.

It was the workshops and seminars of the BOSS initiative that helped Cedric become the business and community leader he is today. “The Chamber first helped to introduce me to the community. Their social functions, as well as the committees, introduced me to other small business owners with like struggles and like successes,” said Cedric. “Then, they set up a meeting with the Score Group, a national nonprofit association devoted to entrepreneur education and the establishment, development and success of the small businesses across the nation.”

But when asked what part of BOSS had had the most impact on him becoming a great boss, he answered without hesitation, “The biggest impact on my business I would say were the growth venues such as the Fast Track Growth Venture. The business speakers who attended the committee functions added significantly to my business knowledge and gave those in attendance the opportunity to share who you are and what you do. This is the greatest way to know who’s in your business community and provide an advertisement for your business to others who can in turn give you the number one form of advertisement: word of mouth!”

It is entrepreneurs like Cedric Hill at People’s Funeral Services of Columbus, Inc that inspire us at the Chamber to work tirelessly on behalf of all local businesses, big and small. Just being the person in charge doesn’t automatically make one “the boss.” Cedric took advantage of the opportunities on offer from the Chamber to become the best boss he could possibly be. And as things stand today, under Cedric’s leadership Columbus can look forward to many more generations of quality service from People’s Funeral Services, Inc.

Cedric Hill is the Owner/CEO, funeral director and mortician at People’s Funeral Services of Columbus, Inc. He has been in the business since graduating from Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Service in 1978. With his ample experience and leadership capabilities, Cedric Hill opens his doors to our community on our darkest days to allow us a place to not only begin healing from the grief of death, but to celebrate life as well.

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