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The Young Professionals mission is to create an environment among the rising business leaders that fosters an energized drive to participate in the events that will shape our city’s economic future. As a member, you will be granted exclusive networking privileges, sponsorship opportunities, workshops on leadership development, and access to committees that will benefit both your business and you personally. But it’s not all about work, YP is fun!

Columbus Chamber of Commerce Member Since 2009

Ker-Fox Photography is the epitome of how the Chamber’s Young Professionals program helps build a next generation leader.

The goal of the Young Professionals is to provide a place for young, emerging business leaders to connect, network, and socialize. The ultimate goal is to help create a revitalization of the local economy and community based on the principles that people are at the heart of what makes businesses and communities work well. By helping young professionals learn to network, connect with others, and develop their own skills, the YP clubs across the country have a significant impact.

The young Ker-Fox’s offer an impressive list of commercial photography services; table top, life-style photography, advertising photography, candid photography, executive or corporate photography, weddings and family portraits. Yet, somewhere among the weddings, the baby showers, the commercial shoots, the television shows, the commercial opportunities large and small, Neely and Wesley still find the time to think beyond themselves, beyond their own self-interests, donating much of their free time to their newly created non-profit enterprise called Camera Obscure.

Camera Obscure has donated their photographic talents to support charities as diverse as the Life Community Services in an orphanage in George, South Africa and Honor Flight, which takes military veterans to Washington D.C. to visit the WWII monument. “Our vision is to provide photo journalistic coverage of under-served parts of the community. We feel that if you’re going to call yourself a photographer you have a social responsibility and choosing the path of photojournalism we feel our responsibility is to give a voice and a visual identity to those who may not have the ability to pay the hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to sit with a photographer,” Neely added.

“The elemental core of photography is light, without light there is no image, without light there is no shape, without light there is no exposure, without light, there is no life… Camera Obscure’s main goal is bringing to light the issues of our communities, the issues of those without voices, those that are obscured for whatever reason, while at the same time building a confidence within themselves and a newfound sense of worth and love of who they are,” explains Neely.

As with many young startups the Ker-Fox’s needed assistance and direction with the day-to-day aspects of running a business and charitable enterprise. The young husband and wife team put the Chamber’s BOSS program to great use, finding much needed business building blocks that helped them maximize their exposure in the Valley region, as well as streamline their operations. Influenced by other motivated young chamber members, the Ker-Fox team attended a Young Professionals cocktail party to network with other young entrepreneurs and learn from their success. With a renewed appreciation of the benefits of building a network with other like-minded young business professionals, they soon joined the Young Professionals group and quickly started to reap the rewards of being connected.

We look at folks like Neely and Wesley Ker-Fox and sure, we see a small business venture just starting out. And yes there will be peril. Ups and downs. We know this from experience. And it is from our hard won experience that we will help the Ker-Foxes of the world weather whatever storms may come. For we may be the leaders today. But we’ve been here a long time. And we hold no illusions as to who will be signing the checks tomorrow. Columbus, meet your future.

Neely & Wes Ker-Fox are a husband and wife team based in Columbus, Georgia that specialize in all avenues of photography… Weddings, Engagement, Bridal, Maternity, Newborn, Babies/Children, Family, and Individual Portraiture. They also do a substantial amount of Commercial Work. Additionally, they operate a non-profit organization called Camera Obscure which offers photographic services to underserved segments of the community.

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