Why vote YES??

The Connect River Valley Campaign kicked off in support of the Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (T-SPLOST) this morning.  The T-SPLOST will appear on the July 31st primary ballot.  You may ask yourself why this is so important–well, there are lots of reasons:

For starters, this T-SPLOST means more jobs, safer roads and local control of transportation. This one percent sales tax is expected to generate about $545 million in this area and will fund several projects over the next ten years in the sixteen county River Valley Region. This capital investment is expected to create over 16,000 jobs.  Projects slated for completion with T-SPLOST funds include the widening of SR 1/US 27 from Turnberry Lane in Columbus to State Road 315 in Harris County, as well as intersection improvements along Buena Vista Road, in an area known as the Columbus Spider Web (see the full list of River Valley projects).

The Connect River Valley Campaign is a committee of local residents who have been working to organize a successful effort to pass the referendum.  Lt. Gen. (R) Carmen Cavezza, Ph.D., former City Manger of Columbus and former Commanding General of Fort Benning, serves as co-chair of the campaign along side Betty Jackson, Vice President of Finance at Columbus Technical College.  Billy Blanchard, Regional Chief Executive Office of Synovus and President & C.E.O. of Columbus Bank and Trust is the campaign treasurer.

“T-SPLOST is the best option that we have in being able to meet our transportation needs for the region,” said Cavezza, committee co-chair.

Here are some more quick facts about why voting YES on July 31st is so important…

The Problems

  • Georgia is the third fastest growing state in the nation, but 49th in per capita spending on transportation.
  • Gas tax revenue, our primary source of transportation funding continues to decrease annually
  • Our roads and bridges continue to get older and are in need of repair
  • The Solution

    On July 31st, voters in our region will have the change to vote YES for a better future with more jobs, safe roads and local control.

    ECONOMIC IMPACT--Our River Valley Region’s projected revenue of $594,061,269 would create 16,040 jobs.

    LOCAL IMPACT75% of total revenue raised in the River Valley Region will go toward the regional project lists and 25% will go back to the cities and counties for local transportation projects. 100% of these funds stay in our area.

    LOCAL CONTROL–Every dollar raised in the local regions will be spent on local projects with local oversight. A local citizens’ accountability committee will be appointed in each region to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget.


  • Vote YES on July 31st
  • Encourage friends, family and co-workers to vote YES
  • Contribute to the Campaign
  • Like  Connect River Valley facebook page & share with your friends
  • Share the T-SPLOST videos on your facebook page
  • Speak to Local Groups
  • Write a letter to the editor
  • Make phone call prior to election day
  • Put signs in your yard
  • Wear a campaign t-shirt
  • Place a bumper sticker on your vehicle
  • For more information call–706-596-7013, visit our page on Facebook and visit the website

    A Few Thoughts About Economic Development

    I’ve come to enjoy working in Economic Development because I find it to be good and noble work. It supports human dignity by creating an opportunity for good jobs. It fosters the common good of the community.

    And when its benefits and opportunities flow to all, especially those most in need, then economic development is not only good work, but a true ministry.

    We must hold on to that vision and resist the cynicism, negatives and frustrations that can sometimes creep in.

    For more perspective, take a minute, read this piece by Georgia Trend editor Susan Percy:  http://www.georgiatrend.com/business-casual/07_11_bizcas.shtml

    Brian Sillitto-Vice President, Economic Development-Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce-The Valley Partnership

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