It’s Official: The “I Am The Chamber” Campaign is Unveiled at Luncheon

Today, we unveiled to the public our new Greater Columbus Chamber of Commercebenefits-driven” website and membership drive campaign: I Am The Chamber!

To celebrate the culmination of the first stage of this monumental undertaking, we invited the many supportive Chamber members who volunteered their time, likeness, words, and wisdom to come down to the Depot for us to personally give them our utmost thanks for their participation to our cause.

Bill Becker of Basset & Becker Advertising takes the podium to unveil the "I Am The Chamber" membership campaign.

We were blessed with beautiful weather, perfect for grilling out. After burgers and dogs, we moved inside and Bill Becker from Basset & Becker Advertising walked everyone through the process that he and his team employed in creating the campaign, which included a quick tour of the website (with an emphasis on the member videos), multiple billboards, print ads, take-aways, large hanging banners, radio spots, and a television commercial. It was informative, yes, but a lot of fun, as well.

It was stressed often during the course of the presentation today, so it will be reiterated here: this is just this beginning. It felt like a celebration, and there is reason to celebrate. We now have the tools necessary to accomplish our goals: to enhance our membership and guide our business community to a more prosperous future. But it’s not yet time for champagne and confetti. It is time to hit the streets. Let’s all be walking billboards. Let’s be living testimonials. Let’s keep the Chamber on the top of people’s minds. And more than anything, let’s keep people visiting It’s all there.

So, let’s enjoy today. We’ve all earned a little pat on the back. But again, this is just the beginning.

~ The Chamber

P.S. How can you help? Here are three simple ways:
1. ‘Like’ the IAmTheChamber Facebook page.
2. Subscribe to this Blog.
3. And share this simple message: “I Am The Chamber.”

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posted 7 October 2010 : Contact the Columbus, Georgia Chamber of Commerce for assistance.
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posted 24 June 2010 : Contact the Columbus, Georgia Chamber of Commerce for assistance.
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